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Bay Area Weekly Issue 1

Posted on March 21, 2023  • Other languages:  Chinese
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This is the first issue of “Bay Area Weekly” maintained by @HagerHu . Bay Area Weekly focuses on the internet, technology, and startup. Make progress every week.

750 Words

750 Words是《艺术家的方式》中所学到的晨间页面的数字版本,由 @buster 创立,用于日常记录私人日志,750 差不多是 3 页纸的字数。写作,可以在记录的过程中了解自己。

750 Words is basically a digital version of morning pages, an idea I learned about from Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. It is founded by @buster for daily personal journaling. 750 is the words count of three standard pages. Learn about yourself in the writing process. Every day you write, you’ll get beautiful stats that analyze the feelings, themes, and mindset of your words.

Lifestyle business beats a startup

Truth is that many profitable businesses, from large companies to small enterprises, are able to generate a very healthy monthly revenue. A startup is, by its very nature, small when it starts. Our lifestyle-oriented approach gives us the freedom to constantly innovate, to develop new, fun ideas, and even to reinvent ourselves every now and then.

Thress things to create a successful startup

Three things to create a successful startup: to start with good people, to make something customers actually want, and to spend as little money as possible. This is the only one message to get across about startups,

Self experimentation

We all know that products can undergo AB testing to validate which experiment performs better. In fact, we can also experiment with certain ideas to validate them ourselves. For example, I once wanted to track my sleep time, intentionally increase or decrease my sleep time, observe my condition during the day, and find out how much sleep I actually needed.

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