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Bay Area Weekly Issue 3

Posted on April 4, 2023  • Other languages:  Chinese
Table of Contents

Bay Area Weekly is maintained by @HagerHu , focus on the internet, technology, and startup. Reading original english article, make progress weekly.

One Year of indie hacking

A personal reflection on one year of indie hacking. Roehl Sybing shares his experiences, successes, and challenges, as well as insights and advice for others interested in pursuing a similar path.

Make progress with systems

Discusses the importance of setting goals and developing systems to achieve them. Ashley Janssen emphasizes the need to focus on the process rather than the outcome, and provides tips for creating effective systems that help to make progress towards one’s goals.

A guide to deep work for founders

A guide to deep work for founders, offering practical tips and strategies for improving focus and productivity. Derrick Reimer discusses the benefits of deep work and how to create the right environment and mindset for it, as well as how to overcome common challenges and distractions.

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