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Bay Area Weekly Issue 4

Posted on April 19, 2023  • Other languages:  Chinese
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How an Excel Tiktoker manifested her way to making six figures a day


The way Kat run miss excel and structure her business is through energetics. This is what she did for creating, “I get my energy to a place where my presence is truly magnetic and I will get visions of what will go viral. Then I run to my computer and I make those ideas because essentially social media content is straight-up energy transmissions. You’re receiving my energy through the phone.”

No Meetings, No Deadlines, No Full-Time Employees


Gumroad Founder @shl shared the thought of transition from full employee to remote workers. The ability to focus on actual work creates a virtuous circle benefiting both the company and the workers: 1) the company does not have to pay expensive engineers to sit around in endless, useless meetings, and 2) the engineers get to do more and learn more, which benefits them in the long term.

A Former Facebook VP Thinks Investing in Humans Is the Future of VC


What if instead of investing in companies, you could invest in people? The decision to invest directly in humans brings about a host of legal, ethical, and moral questions that Lessin will surely need to confront head-on. The idea that someone might sign a 30-year employment contract and that society should explicitly value a human brings up questions of indentured servitude.

what I learned writing 750 words every day for 100 days


The only way to get better at something is to keep doing it. Focus on the process and not the product. Focus on the process, and sooner or later, the product will follow. Do what makes you feel comfortable, but find some way to track your efforts.

Journalling Tools Reviewed: 750 Words


The layout of the site is reassuringly simple – there are no complex instructions to follow, once you’re logged in all you have to do is write. Once you’ve hit the target and saved your entry, you’re taken to a statistics page. These range from how many words you’ve written and how long it took, to pie charts showing how you were feeling and what you were most concerned about while writing.

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