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Bay Area Weekly Issue 6

Posted on May 5, 2023  • Other languages:  Chinese

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Bootstrapping Side Projects into Profitable Startups

NomadList Founder Pieter Levels shared about startup process, idea -> build -> launch -> grow -> monetize. When picking an idea, don’t start wanting to build a spaceship. Start small, like build a tiny rocket and see how high you can go. and Just learn what you need to know WHEN you need it.

What I learnt from bootstrapping my startup from Thailand in six months

Everything is cheap and the food and quality of life is amazing, that makes it a perfect place to bootstrap your startup. If you’re bootstrapping, a low cost of living can increase your runtime by many multiples. Moving to the other side of the world gives you an insane amount of focus which you can channel to really get anything done that you’re working on.

My product is my garden

During the early days of lockdown, my girlfriend got deep into gardening. She would spend hours nurturing her tomato plants, weeding, watering, puttering about. She would spend afternoons reading articles on permaculture, figuring out which plants grew well alongside other plants. That’s what I want from my products. I want to putter about, feel connected to the process, and have fun doing so. I want to make things that don’t scale.

Designing while Traveling

I would later realize that the decrease in efficiency would be offset by the improved perspective and creativity of being more mobile. One of the biggest changes when switching to only a laptop is that there is no mouse, Your hands are almost always on the keyboard, or less than a second away.

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